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This website is designed to serve Geocachers in Massachusetts by offering some Geocaching tips, tricks, and a whole lot more! We invite active Geocachers and people who just want to learn about Geocaching.


MassGeo has a Facebook Page!

We've created a page on Facebook for Mass Geocachers. We previously had a group on there and 62 people joined. Now Facebook has changed how groups work and ours is the old style. There's no way to update the style so it's being phased out. Having a page is a better way to do it. Please LIKE our Facebook Page at Facebook.com/MassGeocachers.


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Yes, that's right, joining MassGeo is completely free. Go to Facebook.com/MassGeocachers to participate in the discussion!

If you're not quite ready to register, feel free to take a look around, read some of the members' stories, and leave a comment or two if you feel up to it. When you're ready to register, just head over to that sidebar and click the register link.


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MassGeo now has a Facebook page!
We created a page on Facebook for Mass Geocachers. We previously had a group...... read more

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